A World of Intelligent Software Agents

AOS presented to the "Inspiration Sessions" SAP Worldwide User Group this week.

Sneak peek – first test runs for AOS’s autonomous test platform, the "Pug"

Today we ran our battery/electric platform that we will use to mount pedestrian and animal mannequins to create challenges for our Kelpie autonomous ground vehicle. These pedestrians and animals will cross into the path of the Kelpie, allowing us to evaluate its obstacle detection and collision avoidance performance.

AOS presents at vSOFIC 2020!

AOS presents its iOPFOR AI-based live fire targetry system at the 2020 Virtual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (vSOFIC).

Challenges with Off-Road Autonomy

AOS has been focusing on off-road autonomy for more than three years. We are developing a completely off-road autonomous vehicle, which is able to traverse and adjust to multiple surfaces and environments.

Introducing the Pug – an Autonomous Pedestrian

AOS has developed the Pug autonomous pedestrian. With a custom-developed chassis and software modified from AOS’ Kelpie autonomous land vehicle, the Pug allows for emulating pedestrians and animals in a safe and controlled manner.