Training Courses

Training courses will be given by experts from AOS.

For further details of our product training courses, or to book a course, please contact us using the registration form.

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User Group

JACK Intelligent Agents Group: The JACK Intelligent Agents Group provides a forum for communication amongst JACK users.

Joining this group must be approved manually. This is to avoid the group being used as a way to distribute junk mail. Apart from that, AOS has no direct involvement in this group. However, some AOS staff are members of the group and may answer interesting questions from time to time.

Visit the JACK user group

License Renewal

If you have a JACK academic licence, you must complete this questionnaire by the end of June each year to tell us how you have been using JACK.

This form is an annual requirement to prevent your academic JACK licence expiring.

Once your submission is received, we review them and renew your JACK Academic Licence in July, as per the academic licence agreement.

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